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Zhejiang Yiwu Small Commodity Ocean "up" is still
Views:1943  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     Known as the "Commodity of the sea" reputation in Yiwu China Commodity City market group, which operates more than 40 million species of small commodity, is an international commodity market, "vane." December 25, 2006 to 31 Yiwu Small Commodity price index was 101.4 points, up 0.14% over the previous week.
     In 17 major categories of commodities, the prices of 12 categories, accounting for 70.6%, down to four categories, accounting for 23.5%, unchanged from the one class. Among them, watches, glasses, hardware, toys and jewelry over the previous week, prices were up 0.81%, 0.74%, 0.61% and 0.29%; daily necessities, textiles, handicrafts, and bags more expensive than the previous week fell 0.11%, 0.16%, 0.90% and 0.98%.
     Comment: end of the year, China Commodity City "Commodity Index" trend higher, watch glasses, hardware, toys and jewelry trades are, of course benefit from: price higher, which means selling the same number of commodities can be obtained even more profits. As for daily necessities, textiles, crafts and luggage industry, business is not that bad, because these commodities in foreign trade sales season is over, businesses are not going to suffer more losses. At the end Commodity Ocean "up" remains the same, will give China Commodity City market trends this year has brought positive effects.
     That the "Commodity Index", by the way let me talk about the stock market's "digression." People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said: "Buy stocks at risk, do not buy the stock more risky"; China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Shang Fulin said: "2006 was a turning point year for the stock market"; Premier Wen Jiabao said: "I want every day look at the stock market. " Even lifting the bull market is now big market, but investors do to keep in mind the old saying goes: Shang Hai are up or down, the stock market risk.