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Market Analysis: Investors are optimistic about the toy market
Views:1951  UpdateTime:2009-10-20

     Development in the domestic toy market has been for many years, but rarely appears unique toys. Over the past year, the domestic new trend has emerged in the pursuit of wind toys, theme toy store should be a member of this demand the introduction of a unique thematic series toys, the theme of toys covering all aspects of the toy market, well the combination of Science is not the same feeling with people, recently, the number of its franchisees to obtain a breakthrough rapid growth.
     The theme toy products are developed by a company in Beijing operation of products. At present, all over the country have joined hundreds of members to participate in the theme of toy stores in the creation and operation.
     The past two years, the domestic toy market competition has entered the white-hot stage. Although domestic markets around the total annual sales of several billion dollars has been reached, but due to the operation of businesses in the process of toy products, with little attention to their thematic, cultural, sexual, emotional, sexual and other factors, thus making the domestic market in the surrounding an area of construction is very weak.
     Toy shop theme by members of self-development portfolio of theme toys, to toys perfusion culture, thematic elements, and soon raised a variety of topics toy market life cycle, and obtained good results.
     It is understood that the theme of toys, consumers would not longer be children's toys, adult toys like the age of market discipline, no longer subject to plush toys, plastic toys, wooden toys like the traditional classification constraints, to purchase their favorite toys When the East is no longer seeking to search for. Regardless of dolls, equipment, apparel, accessories, regardless of what kind of material, regardless of what kind of style, as long as the toys within the scope of a topic, you can easily find full-leveling can be set to buy, the entire play, you can maximize the satisfaction of their own The emotional needs, the release of their own fans feelings. This non-binding purchase of toys, making many consumers put down the identity, age and other factors, such as young people or children who enjoy shopping as favorite toys.
     Theme toy shop is spotted members of this huge market potential, is determined to develop thematic series toy market space. Theme Toy Shop now has four kinds of membership mode of operation, namely: toys beauty, toys, rent, toys retail, toys, DIY, also offers online ordering delivery, players VIP and other services. Operated by the subject as much as nearly 10 types of toys covering various fields, namely: Television theme toys, games, theme toys, sports-themed toys, magic theme toys, funny theme toys, playing a trick theme toys, educational toys theme, DIY Theme toys. Theme toy shop based person in charge of members of the future, a new theme will be the development of more toys, to meet changing market demands.
     It is understood that in recent months, the subject of a nationwide franchise of the number of toys received members of breakthrough growth. Previously, as many business-to-subject series toys represented by cultural, emotional factors do not agree, do not understand, making very slow growth in the number of franchises, and now toys with the theme of family and further in the market to obtain recognition of consumers and welcome, many businesses have realized the enormous potential of this market segment, have joined in order to develop.
     Theme toy stores, according to marketing director members introduced a variety of topics in operating the toy at the same time, members shop also sells its own unique "the world game card." "The world game card," the joint games of many manufacturers, has established the world's largest game to date resource library, almost all games packaged in it. Because of this card was born to meet the market demand at the same time opened up an unlimited market space. For game makers, their channels and customers face to face rapid expansion throughout the country, for the channel, the cards can be sold almost all of the games, they can no longer be a wide variety of game cards about the situation.
     Industry insiders believe the theme of the toy market has a unique emotional, cultural and other factors, can meet a lot of people purchase novelty seeks unconventional psychological, as more toy manufacturers to active content and business model innovation toys, the market will be unprecedented success