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Of China's toy exporters encounter striking from both sides
Views:1795  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     The 33rd Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair January 11 closed at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. As Asia's largest and world's second largest toy event, the exhibition has attracted 37 countries and regions, nearly 2,000 exhibitors.'s Live interviews at the show when deeply felt, as a toy manufacturing superpower, China is facing increasingly serious challenges.
     According to statistics, almost 20 years, a total of more than 20,000 toy factories engaged in exports, occupying 70% of global toy market, the annual exports reached 16 billion U.S. dollars. Just one of Guangdong Province, China's toy exports accounted for nearly Bacheng , equivalent to half of the world market. However, in recent years, European countries continue to increase toy testing standards in the design, raw materials, recycling, and other aspects of labor standards, the establishment of various trade barriers on Chinese toys, traditional toy industry has brought to China is not a small blow.
     During our visit, found that despite China's toy in the world toy market share is large, but overseas exhibitors have already been "equanimity" is not very much worried. South Korea's e-dart toy company in charge of people accept the " Global Times "reporter an interview, said," Our markets mainly in Europe and the United States, in the past have been squeezed by the Chinese counterparts, life is certainly not good too. But over the past two years, U.S. and European consumers increasingly focused on high-tech toys and security, which provides us with business opportunities. "The reporters found that the most attractive exhibition visitors and buyers are the latest developed digital toys, creative toys. a Japanese exhibitors told reporters:" Now is not a toy be just a doll and car models so simple for high-end adult toys and more profit margin, which is the Chinese toy manufacturers are not good at. "
     In recent years, "traditional toy exports difficult" to convey to the international market, Chinese companies a signal. Raw materials, labor costs rise, traditional toys, getting smaller and smaller profit margins, while the Chinese toy companies also keep up with the design standards, some domestic toy companies can only be imitation or copying foreign toy design. According to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" report, on the 8th day of the opening of Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department received a report on the exhibition site and conducted an investigation and arrested within two days of 4 suspected of selling infringing exhibitors toys seized infringing toys 34.
     In the traditional toy field, China's "territory" is also being gradually lost. Vietnam, India, China, toy manufacturers toy and challenges. A visitor from India, told reporters that he owns a toy factory in India, but this time not to exhibit, "My main point is to 'learn', to understand our opponents and the future market." he said, he often came to China, first, in order to see their Chinese counterparts are doing, the second is to examine the market. " I have to admit that the Indian toy industry can not be compared with China, but we have the world's best designers and software, which will help us. the future, I would like to sell the toy in China yet. "a toy company in Vietnam Hong Kong agency also said that the huge Chinese market, they are considering the use of low-cost advantage, to enter the Chinese market, China's domestic toy company with a higher low.
     The face of Europe and the United States trade barriers and competition from neighboring countries, China is strengthening the quality control of export toys, toy exports to the permit system and the 3C certification system. In the toy-producing province of Guangdong, Nanhai District, Foshan municipal government has established Guangdong Toy Innovation Center, Shantou City is also under construction toy similar to innovation in technology centers. the current Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair exhibitors - Shantou City Big Tree Toys Co., Ltd. Leader Ms. Lin told reporters that changes in market demand in the international situation, They doll, doll shoes, hats, toys, animals, and other traditional toys innovation, environmental protection research and development, "we all toys must go through review, not contain harmful substances, which are designed to protect children's safety."