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Guangdong Fashion Carnival mascot of the birth of animation Toy
Views:1837  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     Spring 2007! Guangzhou animation industry will usher in a large-scale animation toy event! Undertaken by the sole source of sub-culture toys, Guangdong style animation Carnival will be March 1-4 in King Plaza in Guangzhou was held! This The event brings together a number of years past, there is no animation show off a new project activities, the source sub-culture, specially invited to the event in Guangzhou native cartoonists are happy for us in this event designed cute mascot! this! our beloved mascot --- "dough" Now a grand debut in! It is not only the national treasures of China's giant pandas as a prototype, coupled with lively, funny cartoon drawing techniques designed with the performance, because of its shape warmth, honest, round beep toot of the body and small face is very pleasant, thus it is my mother very happy for it to specifically took the name of the image --- the dough!
     From now on, our beloved dough students will shoulder our entire animation Toy Fair promotional task, as part of our animation Toy Fair publicity ambassadors, we believe that our beloved dough can be done well, and we stand up for a dough cheer bar!
     We now publish the information about the dough:
     Name: dough
     Birthplace: China
     Mother: very happy
     Birthday: 2006.2.1
     Blood type: B
     Character: It is a hyperactive child
     Hobbies: play video games, collecting toys, up late, watching cartoons, collecting LOLITA pictures
     Favorite Sports: up late
     Favorite colors: black and white of course,啦
     Favorite food: watermelon, popcorn, cola
     Favorite Idol: Bruce Lee