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After-sales service gaps in a lot of fun toys three non-product waste into a blocked heart
Views:1937  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     Chinese New Year approaching, primary and secondary schools have been over winter vacation, many parents of children are pulling into the store to buy toys. Consumption of expensive toys now terrible, bad Quenan maintenance, parents can only watch these toys into a scrap pile at home.
     In the media industry, Hongqiao market in Beijing, Mr. Lee has spent more than 700 yuan to his son bought a model aircraft planes, but not too long, remote control aircraft, model aircraft not much useful, aircraft do not fly up. When he negotiated with the market When salespeople believe that children's toys is easy to bad products, toys and also because of improper use of damaged children can not be returned. "exchange does not change, do not know where Xiu Xiu." Mr. Gao can Zirendaomei. Incidentally, Ma, who lives in Beijing Fengtai kids at the mall and bought a mini-car, the child did not play long put've lost a wheel and other parts are still intact. "just want a change in the wheel, may ask a lot of toy dealer, I could not find repair place. "Ms Ma complained.
     Reporter visited the Beijing part of the store found that sales of cars currently on the market, model toy airplanes from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, some of the price or even million, more than refrigerators, air conditioners and other common household appliances is even more expensive. Which, A significant proportion of high-end toy manufacturer Although parts, but there is no point of setting up after-sales service. toy problems, consumers and manufacturers can contact to purchase accessories. Moreover, the high cost of maintenance of toys, low profits, sales staff are also difficult to specifically this provide services. reporter asked Hongqiao toy market, sales staff, "These toys, if bad how to do", the sales staff said the children toys, mostly one-time consumables, playing bad many of them beyond repair, they were abandoned. but and now more and more tech toys, repair personnel must have the relevant expertise, but these people are also not easy to find.
     "Now the toy manufacturer on the market is very large, their accessories were largely limited to the production of toys in their use is seldom common, even in different batches of the same manufacturers of toys, accessories may be different, will generally not mutually replacement. "There dealer explained," In addition, the present situation of toy manufacturers are also quite unstable, update out relatively quickly, and some manufacturers went out of business not open a few days, the production of toys natural that there is no guarantee. "reporter In the interview, learn, toy manufacturers and merchants to attract consumers to purchase, although the most commitment to toy implementation of "three guarantees", but in fact a problem for various reasons they often refuse to repair. In addition, the market's most kids popular video games, some marked only with Japanese and English, but no Chinese explanation, nor do manufacturers, factory, is a veritable "three noes" products.
     At present, the toys are not included in "three guarantees" provides after-sales service in general is based on the commitment of manufacturers to handle it. Beijing Consumer Association relevant responsible person said that the quality of children's video games have been complaints of headache, merchants in the mediation process the reasons given are mostly non-factory service, merchants did not hand maintenance, ultimately, lose some money trouble. In this regard, industry experts say consumers should know more about choosing toys toys after-sales service commitment, to ensure that their consumer rights. The State shall as soon as possible toy products on the "three guarantees" the provisions of the toy manufacturing enterprises a clear service specification; toy distributors should also negotiate with manufacturers for toys a good after-sale repair, not only for more convenient for consumers to repair a number of toys, but also to help manufacturers to improve after-sales service and marketing.