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Domestic market share is only genuine Ultraman toy into a
Views:2075  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     "Ultraman" brand products in China Yang, general manager of the company authorized parties, at present, "Ultraman" authorized units in China are not over 10, but now even the manufacturing companies with sales of more than 200. The State General Administration of Quality Supervision during the first half of this year has been on the "Ultraman" toy market tested and found that the market of fake and shoddy, "Altman," most of which were not subject to inspection made of recycled plastic, lead, mercury and other heavy metals poisoning. Because these counterfeit exists, not only threaten the children's physical and mental health, business and therefore suffered enormous economic losses. "Every year we have to fake, to pay more than 200 million." According to Yang, General Manager said that the current market, the real "Ultraman" The market share of less than 10%.