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Suspected of cruelty to animals banned in South Africa "chick shut up" toys
Views:1908  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     Hampered by animal rights groups strongly condemned South Africa's toy sellers have pulled from the shelves called "chick shut up" toy, this product is considered likely to teach children and cruelty to animals.
     South Africa "Beeld", "Citizen" and a number of media reports that the shape of chicks or ducklings electric toy has been pulling the wings will be kept after the singing, only stuck its neck in order to post music停止. Although this toy adorable, colorful, but it has been fierce criticism from animal protection.
     South Africa, "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals," pointed out that for cognitive development and learning is still in the stages of children, so toys are likely to make them believe that if animals want to shut up, you must go to stuck to their throat, it will continue to support the development of into the habit of cruelty to animals. The studies have shown that animal abuse easily gave people a violent tendency.
     "Chick shut up" when sold in Australia last year, caused a similar protest. South African toy distributor Leijiwude company said they had not heard or is aware of this toy problem, but we think it is more fun novelty, in the pre-Christmas launch sales have been very good.
     At present, the company has informed nearly 60 stores nationwide to stop selling "chick shut up" and will no longer purchase.