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Brazil received 15 dollars in toy sales will reach 100 million
Views:2007  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     In Brazil, from 10 mid-Children's Day began, toy sales rose gradually upward trend expected to continue until Christmas. At the local shopping mall, high-tech toys everywhere, including the phrase would say that 800 Portuguese doll, MP3 players and digital cameras.
     According to the Brazilian Toy Manufacturers Association (Abrinq) estimated that in 2006, sells for 15 dollars or less a cheap toy sales will reach 100 million, becoming the highest sales throughout the year, of which 7 into toy sales will reach 500 million total value of the U.S. yuan, compared with last year were up 4%.
     On the other hand, retailers and importers want to earn more profits through high prices, because in September this year, Brazil and China signed an agreement stipulating that by 2010, China's toy market share in Brazil should not exceed 40%, but the , if the growth of demand in Brazil, the upper limit should be relaxed.
     In Brazil, several major toy needs in the area have increased exponentially, particularly suitable for children of high-tech products are natural, in view of Brazil's demand for toy products, in 2005, China's toy exports to Brazil totaled about 45 million U.S. dollars.
     Brazil's major toy importer and retailer Gulliver said that as the company with a number of international enterprises to establish a partnership to promote revenue doubled in 2005, an increase of up to 10%. At present, Gulliver, respectively Bratz dolls by MGA Entertainment imports through Hasbro (Hasbro) Import Smoby, another Marvel Toys and Mega Bloks and other cooperation agreements signed.
     Gulliver also to invest heavily in innovative products. In the Brazilian market, the company appears to leading international brands such as Hasbro. However, Hasbro launched i-dog e-dog pets are very popular.
     It is reported that Hasbro in China, the bulk purchase of i-dog e-dog. This toy built-in sensor can respond to voice commands, the retail price ranging from 42 - to 25 dollars.
     At the same time, Brazil's major toy importers Ri-Happy Brinquedos have introduced Yumel a variety of dolls and other high-tech products to enhance the attractiveness of shops. The doll can be memories of 1000 phrases, and built-in sound sensor can respond to voice commands, but also with digital cameras.