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Toy imports accounted for 60% of the Czech Republic the proportion of the domestic toy market
Views:1954  UpdateTime:2009-10-20

     Many Czech toy industry said that because of cheap imports from Asia increased toys have so that they have to cut, cut, or to find other products. Other Czech toy industry, said production increases, because the Czech consumers ultimately have the quality of the Czech Republic to come back to buy toy brands. Toy imports accounted for 60% of the Czech domestic toy market, mainly to buy toys of the period before Christmas, and nearly 50% of the cost is to purchase a large retail chains.
     The Czech Statistical Office based on data, the Czech Republic are growing import and export of toys, but imports grew faster. Toy imports were mainly from the Czech Republic: Denmark, China and Austria, Germany and Denmark and other EU countries.
     The following table shows the council of the Czech Republic in recent years, toy import and export statistics: 1 U.S. dollar equals 22 SEK
     Annual imports (100 million kroner) exports (100 million kroner)
     20061-8 103.8 105.2
     2005 89.3 101.7
     2004 72.6 77.8