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Import and Export of China's new tariff has been implemented January 1
Views:2082  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
     In the new year begins, to remind the majority of the customs import and export enterprises, for the 2007 edition of "coordination system" changes in classification of goods should be given to awareness and understanding of import and export customs clearance in order to avoid having unnecessary trouble.
     China as the "Convention on the Harmonized System," a party from January 1, 1992 onwards, "Commodity Description and Coding System" as China's "Import and Export Tariff" and "Customs statistics catalog," the base directory. "Commodity Description and Coding System" is currently the most widely used international commodity classification directory of international trade, has become China's Government to implement an important tool for import and export management policies, commodity codes has become China's foreign trade policy, important information carrier.
     In order to meet the development of international trade and commodities, the World Customs Organization (WCo) every 4 to 6 years on the "Commodity Description and Coding System" to a large range of changes. "Under the Trade Description and Coding System" revision change, China needs for its own, "Import and Export Tariff" and "Catalog statistics" to the corresponding conversion adjustments. Up to now, China's Customs and Excise Department has successively carried out in 1992 edition, 1996 edition, 2002 edition, 2007 edition of "coordination system" revised translation and China's "Import and Export Tariff" job to job.
     The 2007 edition of "the Harmonized System directory" involving 256 four items and six sub-headings for 598 changes, with the current 2002 edition compared to the 2007 edition of "the Harmonized System directory" changes to the contents of up to as many as 354 groups. Amendment, the subheadings of the Harmonized System 6 reduced the total number from 5224 to 5052. Involved in his own country "Import and Export Tariff" there are about 1580 changes in national sub-headings.
     2007 edition of "coordination system" amend the scope of a broader, involving products of Chapter 30. Modify the large range of products are: electronic and information products (Article 84,85 and 90 chapters), chemical products (Article 28,29 and 38), wood products (Chapter 44), steel and steel products (73 s), motor vehicles and parts thereof (Chapter 87), toys, games, supplies and sporting goods (Cap. 95) and so on.