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South Korea intends to release toys and other safety standards for 47 products
Views:1895  UpdateTime:2009-10-20
    It is located in the China AQSIQ WTO / TBT notification Consultation Center News: South Korea for Technology and Standards November 7, 2006 issued a notification No. G/TBT/N/KOR/127, mainly involving textiles, engine antifreeze agents, non-petroleum base motor vehicle brake fluid, car tires, some household chemical products, child care products, automotive windshield washing liquid, PVC hoses, ceramic tableware, road vehicle safety glass, hand-controlled mechanical ice machines, car portable jacks, water tanks, bathroom floors non-slip tiles, mattresses, car alarms Retro-reflector, skating user protection devices, high-visibility safety clothing, school supplies, portable ladders, wallpaper and paper base surface decorative materials , toys, portable laser equipment, swimming goggles, skateboards, shopping carts, roller skates, children's bunk beds, children's high chairs, children's tricycle, portable refrigeration / heating containers, snowboards, skis and other skiing equipment, fixed-type training equipment, bicycles, baby back frame, the elderly use walker frame, the elderly use a cane, the elderly walker walker use, disposable diapers, roller shoes, digital door locks, 47 children's jewelry and other products safety standards.