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Beijing Olympics-than-expected market development
Views:1823  UpdateTime:2009-10-19
     Beijing Olympics-than-expected market development
     The Wangfujing Street in early spring, peak and visitors crowd. Miss Song from Liaoning province, to accompany her daughter to Beijing to test the use of the occasion, in a shop selected by several hundred dollars of the Olympic licensed merchandise.
     While in the hands of the Olympic Fuwa souvenirs are on the unit price hundred dollars, but Miss Song is not that expensive. In fact, the Olympic licensed merchandise has become increasingly fast into the daily lives of consumers. Olympic licensed merchandise retail shops are also from Beijing, the Olympic co-host cities expanded. Now more than 70 cities in the country, opened more than 500 licensed retail outlets.
     Beijing Olympic marketing director Yuan Bin, recently introduced licensed products have made a bid to reach 50 million U.S. dollars of income, franchise stamps, commemorative coins to reach 20 million U.S. dollars of income targets. "According to the situation now underway, we exceeded this target is very optimistic." She said that as Beijing Olympic Marketing Plan was an integral part of last year's Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has already collected eight manufacturers and 34 retailers Chartered total number of enterprises will reach 130.
     Licensed merchandise including clothing apparel, badges, toys, stationery, bags, handicrafts, silk products, ceramics, gold and silver products, jewelry and other 10 categories, more than 4,000 varieties.
     At the same time, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Marketing Plan was in a pivotal part of the sponsorship program, have also been include to 51 companies, and will be completed this year, all of the sponsorship program.
     Have taken part in Olympic budget Wei Jizhong said that at present far more than expected market development, access to market development funds have been broken when the Olympic budget. Yuan Bin also believes that the current situation from the Beijing Olympic marketing revenue to meet budget needs, make ends meet, a slight surplus.
     ■ Digital Olympics
     So far, the Beijing Olympic Games a total of 51 corporate sponsors. Worldwide partners including the International Olympic Committee 12 (including a partner and Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee), Beijing Olympic partners, 11, 10 sponsors, 13 exclusive suppliers, suppliers 6.
     65,002,004 Nian 3 months, Lenovo (lenovo) to 65 million U.S. dollars (including 50% of the product in kind) of huge sponsorship, becoming the sixth issue of the International Olympic Committee (2004 ~ 2008) Partner (TOP). 1625000000
     In 2002, the Beijing's Olympic bid 1.625 billion U.S. dollars budget revenues and expenditures 1.61 billion.
     3 trillion to the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that by 2010, due to the Beijing Olympic economy driven total market investment and consumption demand will more than 3 trillion yuan.
     70 million of China's Olympic bid when the franchise revenue budget target of 70 million U.S. dollars, of which 50 million U.S. dollars is a licensed merchandise program income, there are 20 million is a Chartered commemorative stamps, commemorative coins income.