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Children's toys, adult toys hidden opportunities for export-constrained
Views:1805  UpdateTime:2009-10-19
   This year, the European Union on the Prohibition of distribution of children under three years old to use PVC plastic toys "ban" a direct impact on more than 400 million U.S. dollars in China's toy exports. In the children's toy exporters encounter all kinds of boycott, more and more toy companies realize that the traditional children's plastic toys is not only in today's market demands, developing high-tech video games, intellectual development classes will be more toys and Adult Toys favored by the market.
     According to the China Toy Association statistics, adult leisure educational toys planned that about 500 billion per year market, toys profit of up to 100% -400%. Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the latest in a statistical report shows that China toy market, the amount of annual consumption above 1000 billion yuan.
     Recently, the reporter's name with a number of wholesale Shanghai, Jiangsu, contact the vendor of toys, they all indicated that only the supply of children's toys, no specific production of adult toys, even though there is also the foreign orders, for export, not domestic sales. Mr Cheng said the toy maker, because the domestic is still no specific adult toy market development, development and production of such products takes a higher cost, not willing to take risks.
     Jiujiang Road, part of the journalists in toy stores to see over 90% of toys available to children, and in the consumption of adults to occupy a strong position and has not been too much attention.
     Today, toys are no longer children, patents, toys designed to become increasingly intelligent, mechanical and scientific and technological content increased, suitable for different ages of consumer demand. Have been out 13 in Shanghai, the Shanghai branch of the first major original toy room official said that 60% of the brand's franchise was sold children's toys, 40% are adult toys, he believes that strong demand, the adult toy market would be very promising.
     In China, adult toy consumption market has only just started. Experts believe that as long as the toy companies to seize the opportunity to break through the traditional simple toy model, to increase R & D, in the development of puzzle-based, entertainment-based product efforts, design and manufacture of products with special characteristics, China's toy companies can expand their market share