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REACH implementation of the toy exports to the EU case of inhibition
Views:1821  UpdateTime:2009-10-19
    Toys Association, Guangdong Province, has insisted that 'closure of the Guangdong toy industry faces wave of' pure rumors, but Guangdong's toy manufacturers have not fared well. Reporter learned yesterday from the Huangpu Customs and Excise Department, following the Anglo-American Toy Association, ICTI certification last year to this year after June 1, more stringent 'REACH' regulations will be fully implemented in the EU market, which will put on tighter toy exports of 'inhibition '.
     Compliance will not be expelled from the EU market
     June 1, 2007, the EU market will be fully implemented "of Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction system" (ie, 'REACH' regulations), in which toys the physical and mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties, electrical properties , radioactivity and health standards have done a more stringent requirement, if the toy companies is technically not up to standard, can only be excluded from the international market. According to the regulations, from June 1 next year, all chemicals must be completed in phases registration assessment, can not evaluate the product will be expelled from the EU market. Before that, the United States and the United Kingdom Toy Association has requested from 2006 onwards, members can only through the International Council of Toy business norms Certification (IC-TI certification) suppliers purchase toys, this has produced a lot of Guangdong toys get in the door outside.
     Development of force is not strong easy to fall into a passive
     Customs and Excise Department who have pointed out that since the export market is too concentrated, heavy dependence on the United States, the European Union market, product development capacity is weak, toy manufacturers the ability to cross foreign technical barriers is not strong, once the relevant national policies, a change in Europe and the United States are likely to fall into a passive.
     It is understood that a number of Guangdong toy companies did not know that 'REACH' regulations to be implemented. To this end, the persons concerned to remind the company must pay great attention to raise environmental awareness, and give full play to the role of government and industry associations to guide plastic toy export enterprises to enhance information early warning system.