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EU Snowman plush toys made in China issued a warning
Views:1912  UpdateTime:2009-10-19
March 23, 2007, the European Commission rapid alert system for non-food originating in China, "CHRISTMAS" brand stuffed toy snowman issued a warning to consumers. The case notification by France. The toy for children under 36 months, its style / model as follows: 431,148.
     In the detection experiment, the toy's small parts (eg, nose, eyes and buttons) with just plugged the small parts test cylinder, and only less than 90N effort will be the separation of the small parts and toys as soon as children eat, there is caused by the choking risk.
     At present, the French authorities have banned the sale of the product by the importer to implement a voluntary recall of the product.
     To this end, China Trade Remedy Information Network recommendations relevant domestic production and export enterprises have to be a high priority.