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Toys 3C certification to implement the countdown
Views:1904  UpdateTime:2009-10-19
   Since June 1, the stroller, electric toys, projectile toys, metal toys, baby toys, plastic toys, toy products six categories will be the full implementation of China Compulsory Certification ( "CCC" certification). By then, has not been certified products will be banned from the factory, sell, import or use in other business activities. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the toy manufacturers, has not yet certified companies to seize application for certification.
     It is understood that March 1, 2006 from the designated certification body of China-related companies started to accept applications for accreditation, at present most of the enterprises toy products have been certified or are actively apply for certification. To support and facilitate enterprise access to compulsory certification of toy products manufacturer, when applying for export quality license (registration), you can directly renewal certificate, or receive other benefits.
     Inspection and quarantine experts also advise consumers in general, in order to protect children's safety and health, Children's Day from this year onwards, when choosing toys for their children to and passed "CCC" mark.